Reviews, Press and Testimonials

"Octopretzel Embraces the Whimsy of Jewish Kids’ Music"
-Bay Area J Weekly

Octopretzel: Music, Effervescence and Love

-Ross Valley Reporter

     Bay Area Discovery Museum
“Octopretzel creates engaging music which inspires curiosity, imagination and awareness of the magical world we live in. It is a danceable, singable and super fun experience for kids of all ages.”
-Discovery Museum newsletter, Sausalito, CA (

Mothering Magazine    
“Mother, singer and songwriter, Melita Doostan, weaves a sweet, harmonious blend of sounds on her cd. The songs employ a variety of instruments, tones and styles, all highlighted with Melita's uplifting vocals. This is a welcome alternative to "kiddie music" yet is truly a collection the whole family can enjoy.”
-Mothering Magazine (

Center for Creative Psychotherapy

“Both of my kids are crazy about Octopretzel, and it has quickly become the classroom favorite at my daughter’s pre-school. The teachers can’t believe the positive effect the upbeat and playful music is having on the children.
-Dr. Jenni Joyner, founder of the Center for Creative Psychology and “Circle of Friends”

     Thin Air Media
"Thank you for creating this utterly stellar children's album. My family will listen to it for many years, and possibly generations to come."
-Ahri Golden, co-founder and executive producer of Thin Air Media (


“It's a rare gift to find music that joyfully appeals to both children and adults. This collection of evocative songs by popular Bay Area performer Melita does just that, as her sometimes soaring, sometimes gentle, always wise lyrics send us on a journey of connection with life, an adventure pulsing with the rhythms and cycles of the Earth.”
-Mary Gomes, co-editor of "Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind," Bioneer’s Conference presenter (

"Wow. what a wonderful time we had with everyone at our first speesees presents... event. octopretzel had us all jumpin' + dancin' around (+ stop!) with joy. thanks again to them + all the speesees (big + small) that came out to play with us."
-Rachel Pearson, founder and owner of Speesees, a nationally acclaimed San Francisco-based company offering fair trade and organic children’s clothing
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