Other Fresh Offerings from the Band

Birthday Parties

The members of Octopretzel are available for birthday parties!  We do parties as the full band, or as just one or two members, depending on your needs.  No matter how many of us come, we always bring our instruments, puppets and lots of energy!  See the birthday party page for more info, or contact if interested.


Melita currently teaches music classes in several preschools in Berkeley, including Gay Austin, El Cerrito Preschool Co-op, Hearts Leap North, Bari Nelson, Gan Shalom Preschool and Netivot Shalom Preschool.  She holds a certification in early childhood education and has received training in an array of teaching modalities including Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Music Together and Orff Schulwerk.  
Melita has a degree in eco-psychology, founded and co-facilitated a rites-of-passage program for girls, and has also been trained as a yoga teacher for children.

  Melita's music classes are engaging and interactive, integrating movement, puppets, and instrument play with original songs as well as traditional favorites. The classes are delightfully fun and age-appropriate for children ages 2 to 5, though younger and older kids are welcome!


Current Music Class Series
Spring Series in Berkeley
Tuesdays at 4, May 4 - June 8 2021 on ZOOM
Contact Melita at 
gaiamelita@yahoo.com for more info!



"Melita's music class is sweet, fun and focused. She manages to hold a very calm space while keeping the children thoroughly intrigued with her lovely voice, a variety of whimsical puppets, instruments, and a fun collection of songs. My son keeps asking to go back for more. I have lost track of just how many sessions that we have attended!"  -Onika M.

"Melita's music classes are a real treat for everyone. Melita shows amazing enthusiasm and talent for engaging the children (and adults!) in singing, making music, movement, and more. She has such a lovely, charming, almost fairy-like manner, that, combined with her beautiful voice, resonates deeply with children and brings them right into the music with much joy and exuberance. Both of my children have just absolutely loved any kind of musical experience with Melita, be it classes, concerts, or listening to her cds, from pretty much infancy onward. My oldest is eight and still enjoys her music. In fact, Melita has become somewhat of a celebrity in our house. If you have any opportunity to experience music with Melita, I recommend it wholeheartedly." - Shoshana U.

"My son started going to Melita's music classes at age two, and a year and a half later, he still loves it. The kids dance, sing, play instruments, and listen transfixed to Melita's felt-board and puppet stories. The class has an intimate, community feel, with each child greeted by name (in song of course). Melita's music is fun for kids and enjoyable for adults. One of the best kid-centered activities we've found in Berkeley!" -Rebecca B.

Dave's guitar lessons and klezmer activities

If you know of anyone who would enjoy a few guitar lessons, then definitely write to Dave at mandodave@gmail.com. Dave loves to teach, and also teaches mandolin, fiddle, percusssion, music theory, music composition, improvisation, and ethnomusicology.