Birthday Parties with Octopretzel

Thank you for your interest in Octopretzel for your child’s birthday party!  We can do parties as one, two, three, four or all five members, depending on what kind of show you would like. We recommend duo shows, as they are very dynamic, but not too overwhelming for young children.
Solo birthday shows typically last between 30-40 minutes. If more of us come, they may run a bit longer, up to 45 minutes. Whether a solo or joint act, our parties are always fun and very engaging, comprised of lots of sing-alongs, interactive songs, movement and dancing, puppets, scarves and instruments for the kids to play.

Our fees are as follows: For a solo show, our asking price is $250. 
For a show with multiple band members, our asking price is another $200  per person. 
*** We do offer a sliding scale for those who need it!

Extra fees: We ask an extra $50 if coming to your party involves more than about a 30 minute drive for us. If 45 minutes or more, this fee is $100.  And if more than 90 minutes, we can work it out by phone.  We are all based out of Berkeley.
We also ask an extra $50 if you would like us to bring/set up our own sound system (which we are happy to do if need be).

As a gift for your child, all parties include a free CD of your choice.
 Many people also like to purchase CDs as party favors.  The price per CD would be $6.

If you would like to book  the band for your party, please contact
Melita Silberstein, at or at 510-684-3629.

“Melita played at our son's 3rd birthday party, and she was amazing! She has a very warm and friendly style and kept a large group of children ages 3 to 6 mesmerized in our living room for over 30 minutes with her interactive songs and beautiful voice. The kids loved her, we loved her, and our son's preschool teacher was so impressed that she demanded Melita's contact information immediately to try to get her to play regularly at the school. Melita was also a pleasure to work with. She was on time, very professional, and generally just made our son's party easy and joyous.”

~Sarah Weinstein and Don Falk

"Melita sang at our daughter's third birthday party at the park, and we couldn't have been happier. She is fun, engages the kids, and can work well with a mixed age group. The songs were fun too, inspiring the kids to dance, or just listen attentively.
Melita is very respectful to the kids, and she connects with them easily. I would highly recommend her!"

~Mirit Sela

“Melita and Jen played at my daughter’s birthday party a few months ago. They literally made the party. All of our guests were asking about them afterwards – we were so happy we decided to go with them. They Both of them had such a magical way of interacting with the children. They kept them entertained the whole time. And Jen’s puppets were a hit!”

~Jessica Greenberg