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Octopretzel's brand new album: "Inspiraled"

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What people are saying about Inspiraled...
  "Not only do my children love to play the songs of Inspiraled over and over, I do too!  It is not common to find music that we both want to return to again and again.  "Mommy, please play the Popcorn Song again. Again, again. Please?!"  We are so grateful to Octopretzel for making great kids music that is also just great music!" -Lisa Schachter Brooks

"We've been dancing non stop to Octopretzle's new sweet creation 'Inspiraled' -- it's masterpiece! My 4-year-old goes to sleep and wakes up singing the melodies, and some of the words! I'm confident she'll know all of them by heart soon! What a treat for all! Thanks Octopretzel!!!" - Jess Kaufman

“Inspiraled is both whimsical and fun, yet profound, while demonstrating excellence in the craft of songwriting and musicianship."
- Ahri Golden

"Octopretzel's show is as exuberant as their whimsical name. The band creates engaging music, inspiring curiosity, wonder and appreciation for the world we live in. Their skilled musicianship and magical way with children guarantees a danceable, singable & super fun experience for the whole family."

"Octopretzel is... Fantastically folksy, magically musical, dreamily danceable and singably sweet for humans of all ages!"

For six years now, Octopretzel has been delighting young Bay Area audiences with their colorful and inspired performances. Their shows feature handmade puppets, bubbles of all sizes, and at times hula-hooping Kindergartners.  They have been known to inspire spontaneous kiddie mosh-pits, while still maintaining focus and interactive participation.  Their songwriting presents imagery of things such as spinning tops, roly polies and whimsical imaginary creatures.  From unique interpretations of traditional folk classics to fun and catchy originals, this is music that parents love and has kids asking for more! 
The band's instrumentation features the mandolin, marimba, the middle-eastern tambourine (or riq), African drums, and many other unique sounds from around the world.

Octopretzel plays regularly at favorite Bay Area venues such as the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, the Discovery Museum in Sausalito, Fairyland in Oakland and the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.  Their studio albums capture the dynamic energy of a live show while highlighting their impressive harmonies and roots-music instrumentation.